CoRS 2017 Summary



2017 has been another eventful and productive year for the church of Rational Satanism. We have continued to move at a pace greater than what was envisioned all those years ago. 2017 was certainly a year full of many ups and opportunities to strengthen not only the philosophy, but the organisation. This essay is the year in summary, those of you who have been with us all year will have seen these events unfold, for those of you new to the organisation, or are simply checking in you can see how we have progressed over the last 12 months.

Lectures – After our lecture at Hull university at the end of 2016, many more lecture requests were coming in for 2017, the first of which were in February at Durham and Newcastle university, Myself and Ben dean were well accepted at both venues, and it was obvious from the responses at these lectures that Rational Satanism sparks thoughts and interest in individuals who attend these societies. This was followed up by Ben doing a lecture at Bristol university in May, John, Ben and Malcomb at Exeter in September, Then Ben going over the border to give a lecture at Edinburgh university with Stuart. These all provided great experiences, and showed that we are just as active in an offline capacity than we are online, as well as dispelling the myths regarding Satanism and providing great information about CoRS and its philosophies. 2018 is already filling up with lecture requests, with the first confirmed one being at Nottingham university in February 2018, and the potential of one in quite a prestigious London venue, so watch this space.

Books & Philosophy – 2017 saw some great books added to the collection, Firstly Ben’s book Uncover Satan Recover thyself in April, released to co-inside with our attendance at the Satanic flea market in London. That book is a great addition to the collection, which Ben worked on over a long period of time to bring a pragmatic recovery system to the table built from personal experience and utilising the CoRS concepts. June Saw the release of a new book bringing another concept in to the paradigm, Rational Satanism S.A.T.A.N. This book housing the S.A.T.A.N. concept was a way to make Satan an even more personal part of self and was a great philosophical injection in to the system, as well as providing another aspect of S-Theory and introducing Satan’s Razor it was the next step of personal pragmatic evolution for the Rational Satanist. November saw the release of our short information book, Rational Satanism the prologue, designed to bring important aspects of our philosophy under one cover providing referencing for members already versed in our philosophy and giving a good insight for new members or those who are curious. December has also seen the end of the first book in the collection, Rational Satanism, this book has been pulled as many of the essays don’t really reflect the CoRS philosophy or organisation, this book is being majorly overhauled, although most original content will remain in a 2009 section of the book, much more new content is being added so it complements the collection, it will return on January 1st, 2018 with the new title, Rational Satanism revelation.

Meets – For 2017 we decided to not arrange as many meets as we did the previous year as we thought it better to concentrate on the lectures for the organisations progression over 12 months and see where we were at the end of the year. But, we did still have our yearly large meet at the Hellfire caves in high Wycombe. This was a fantastic night of laughs, scares and conversation with some fantastic people. It will be happening again in 2018, so if you want to come along keep your eyes open for dates.

Online & Social Media – our activity online this year has been better than ever, with a great growth on the Facebook page and amazing conversations and threads on the affiliated side of the organisation showing how people adapt our concepts in to their paradigm. Our twitter account has gained many followers, helped along by its constant updating and hard work by Kizzy. Instagram is also thriving with Claire working hard to keep uploading content. We now also have a CoRS dedicated forum on proboards, created and maintained by the American rep Shannon Williams, these forums house some great information and topics, and all are welcome to join. Our main website in growing with information, and holds all the information anyone potentially interested in the organisation would need, with many positive comments along the lines of “very informative” and “good philosophy” from viewers. Hits this year are quite good to with the analytics coming in at 67,337 which averages 5,611 Visits a month.

Media – The first half of 2017, due to the lectures we put many media projects on the back burner as we were making the lectures priority, but the later half of this year has seen John do a piece for Reprobate, teenink magazine and an interview on the voice of Islam DAB/podcast show, although that may sound like a strange show to take part in, they had valid questions and we were more than willing to answer, further dispelling the myths surrounding Satanism. Ben and John also did a piece for the Bristol magazine Helicon, as well as aiding students on projects they are doing with a focus on Satanism. Sean Twomey recently did a short piece for, and John is about to do one with the Daily Star online.

The Team – 2017 saw the introduction of an American representative, Shannon Williams, her hard work and enthusiasm made her the ideal individual to take charge of all things American, she thoroughly understands all aspects of our philosophy and is responsible for all American members, and the opening of other USA local chapters when suitable individuals arise and request one. Again, well done 😊

So, there you have it, a very brief summary of 2017, its been a great year and 2018 is already lining up to be even better with many projects already in the planning, ranging from more lectures, meets and potentially our own podcast. We hope you all continue to ride the pragmatic wave with us, keep those horns high, be proud and hail thyself

Lee Banks


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