Sorry, who are you thankful to?


5 Weeks ago I went into hospital for an operation to have my gallbladder out. I was in terrible pain and would have signed my life away to feel better. The operation didn’t go so well and after losing 6 pints of blood and being on the operation table for 5 and half hours, I woke up with tubes sticking out of me and with blood being pumped into my arm.

When the surgeon came round to see me he said that I should thank god that I came out the operation as it was the most complicated gallbladder op he had ever done. Ermmmmm why?

5 weeks on there are a lot of people I am thankful too but an imaginary thing in the sky is not one of them. I am thankful to the surgeon, anesthetist and nurses who were in the theatre that day. I am thankful to the person who donated the blood which saved my life. I am thankful to the nurses in the ward who helped me wash when I could barely move and who cleaned and dressed my wounds so that I didn’t get an infection, I am thankful to the scientists who created the medication that stopped the infection in my chest for killing me and the medication that eased my pain. I am thankful for my children who gently cuddled me when I was sad to be stuck in hospital and to my friends and family for their kind messages.

It really annoys me when people say we should pray to god to make someone better. That a pray will save that poor little child who is suffering from cancer, a pray will make that father of three wake up from his coma, a pray will help that family who have lost everything in a fire. And then when things work out that we have to be thankful to god that everything is ok and if it doesn’t that we should find comfort in the fact that our loved ones are now with god in heaven. WTF. If there was a god why would he inflict such pain on people in the first place. If there was a god he would be worse than any kind of evil that has ever been on this earth. He would be a mass murderer. If a pray can save these people then he would have the power to eradicate all the illness’s. That 6 month old baby that has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness doesn’t deserve that. They have not had a chance at life and why would you inflict that type of pain on it’s parents.

So the next time you are thanking anyone for saving you loved ones PLEASE make sure you are thanking the right people.

Claire Holbrook

Promotions manager CoRS

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