Political action or solitude, there must be a third option?


From my observations of people walking the left hand path it’s that it is a very lonely road, if you let it be. The image it brings up for me is one of the solitary Alchemist locked away in his laboratory striving for perfection in the pursuit of the philosophers stone.

With our constant strive for self improvement and fulfilment of seeking out that which excites and entertains us, as a Satanist we can go in many directions. From my observations I have noted a few stereotypes over the years which are as follows:

The solitary wizard or hermit type that is solely focused on themselves. These people will have great lengthy discussions when a subject takes their fancy but will generally only lurk in the shadows.

The bat shit crazy type that are totally not of this world and speak only of all things mystical.

The sofa bound internet Satanist that has a copy of the satanic bible at hand at all times to tell everyone how they are not a ‘true Satanist’ because of X,Y,Z in a vain attempt to inflate their own ego and self importance. These can generally be found sporting an ‘I heart LaVey’ stamp on their foreheads!

The teen angst Satanist that either posts ‘evil’ pictures or quotes from ‘trusted’ Satanists in an attempt to appear like they know what they are talking about and are too afraid to share their own thoughts due to the previously mentioned sofa Satanist constant ridicule.

What you do miss out seeing online is the day to day workings of individuals’ philosophies and the action part of what they do. So from this media platforms other than hearing about or seeing people’s results from studying, interaction is very minimal and it looks as though TST offer the only active form of Satanism in these modern satanic communities. However they do this by accepting anyone and everyone into their groups and by having no real philosophy other than 7 statements, and you do not even need to agree with all of those!

I can understand the need for separation from church and state in the US but in the UK we are openly a Christian country and still leaps and bounds ahead of the US in our religious openness. However as one member stated recently ‘Satanic Lives Matter!’ which to me highlighted the laughable victimisation attitude that TST seem to play on while masquerading as wanting to inject change. So far they haven’t managed to change a single thing other than people’s options of the satanic community for the worse.

This can’t be our only options as Satanist though surely? Complete solitude or becoming politically active to be more social? There must be a middle ground?

This is where I see the uniqueness of The Church of Rational Satanism (CoRS) coming into play as we have our own philosophy that allows the individual to take charge of things. We offer a chat functions to members so that we can interact, discuss ideas and question each other in a real time function. We offer social meets in various locations around the globe and if there is not one in your area then it should not be met with “oh there are no Satanist like me where I live” it should be met with excitement by the fact that you can be the one to start something historic where you live.

CoRS can offer the chance to be social and studious at the same time. To have your solitude and be part of a group when it’d needed, but it’s you to make that happen. If you wait for others to guide you along your path and follow the crowd you will soon end up dressed as a baby having milk poured over yourself protesting something you know nothing about!


Ben Dean – The Church of Rational Satanism August 2016

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