Hello, once again my fellow CoRS colleagues around the world. I promised Ben I’d try to craft one of these a week and I think I have a good topic here for all us to explore. Does your Higher Self have a name? I’m not referring to an imaginary friend, I’m talking about that part of you that’s “you” when you’re at your most rational/intelligent and your instincts are perfectly lined up. It would sound kind of silly to sit in your ritual chamber and begin a conversation with your HS and constantly refer to it as your “pre-frontal cortex in perfect alignment with the right hemisphere of your brain”. Now you could just use your first name but the only problem with that is that when we address ourselves in this manner we have to take into account that there are things about ourselves that are well……..not of HS caliber. I’m referring to those character defects that we’re constantly confronting and grappling with. No, there are parts of Marshall that must never be allowed beyond the red velvet rope and granted access into Club Contemplation. That’s why I explored all of the symbolic archetypes that are available and I find that Lucifer is a pretty sweet dude to speak with when I have to get down to the thorny business of advancing and evolving the best aspects of my total self. Now you’re not obligated to go along with this. If you’re into the writings of Ford you can find plenty of “deific masks” that you can adorn when you want to access various elements of your “self” for the purpose of fulfilling some sort of ritualistic mission. It comes down to resonance. Lucifer resonates with me.

The reason why he resonates with me is because if you look at his story from a different perspective (as opposed to the one put forth by his enemies), Lucifer decided one day that his creator was a batshit crazy fucking sadist and he convinced a third of the other angels present to walk off the job site.  He chose the hard road and in the process, according to legend, he brought the light of wisdom and reason to us lowly humans so that we in turn could begin to question everything until we came up with science, philosophy, and art. To me that’s badass, and highly symbolic.

CoRS isn’t made for the slack and the complacent. Nor is it made for the ones who are addicted to perpetual drama and shock value. CoRS was made for the ones who have walked off of the job site of mundanity and have at least re-established a new kingdom within their own consciousness. We “reign” within the “Hell” of constantly pushing ourselves to evolve via questioning/deconstructing everything that the RHP in its entirety shoves at us. Serving within the “Heaven” of the RHP would entail a life of mindless consumption. To mildly paraphrase Bill Maher, serving in the Heaven of the RHP would mean becoming “machines that turn beer into piss”, (or in my case coffee).

The real Armageddon happens every day within your own head. It happens when everyone wants your vote, your endorsement, and your last fucking dollar. Having a symbolic version of your Higher Self helps in that constant battle between obedience and being free within your own self. If you don’t have an HS, look into getting one. It might make you look a little crazy to the mundanes you deal with every day but the sad fact is you will always look a little nuts to them regardless of how you conduct yourself. If you’re in CoRS then that’s a tacit admission that you’ve failed at the socially mandatory art of conformity.

So fuck it, give your HS a name and incorporate it into your 10% paradigm. Make/find a picture that accurately reflects what your HS looks like to you and stick it on the wall. Just remember that your HS is not so much the way you would like to see yourself. Your HS is a manifestation of how you want to become when you’ve utilized all of your best attributes into a tangible coherent form. That final process will take a significant amount of time. The manifestation of your Higher Self, however, you can do in short order. You’re already here and I’m assuming you have a functioning idea what it is you want out of your life. Give that desire a name and an image.

Then birth it.

From within.

Marshall Delaware


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