This is an intriguing question. The philosophy of rationalism itself has been around for a long time. A good 2,000 years ago the Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius wrote in his Meditations that, “One did not need to be happy in order to be rational”.  It’s indeed true that by simply having a rational approach to your daily life you will avoid a tremendous amount of grief and probably end up with a comfortable living situation. In a blog post on my site, www.Marshall-Delaware.com, I wrote the following two paragraphs:

“ The LHP isn’t for pussies. It demands that you constantly work on yourself, whether it be at the gym, or the library, or the wellness center. It demands that you accept that you are responsible for every decision/action that you do from one second to the next. The RHP, in the guise of churches, governments, political ideologies, corporations, and social movements demands that you don’t think or question your environment. The RHP demands your submission. It demands that you toil for the greater good of something outside of yourself without ever considering putting your own needs first. The LHP will take you off of that slave-like mindset but it demands that you pursue personal excellence in every way possible. It demands that you embrace a life of self-discipline and self-awareness.

Interestingly the LHP also encourages that you make friends with your inner carnal nature and have some fun on a regular basis. In fact, Luciferianism insists that you find the equilibrium between your inner carnal self, and your higher rational self. That way your life is as full and as complete as possible. “- (Marshall Delaware- WHY THE LADIES NEED MORE LHP IN THEIR LIVES)

This is where having a strictly rationalist approach to one’s daily life encounters some serious limitations. There are so many institutions out there that demand our slavering obedience, and yet these seemingly monolithic entities are riddled with contradictions, deceptions, and totally batshit fucking levels of thinking. The strict rationalist can end up snapping with frustration in their heroic efforts to navigate this world that assaults their powers of reason the moment they wake up. The LHP has also been around for thousands of years going all the way back to ancient India. This approach, however is rooted first and foremost in defiance, which is fine to a degree, but the traditional LHP route is driven by emotion. Emotion unchecked in an LHP construct will lead to a tremendous amount of misery for the practitioner. Sooner or later they will cross a moral boundary that will lead to them being exposed and punished by the laws of the land. Or, as in the case of Aleister Crowley, they will spend their final decades as a washed-up substance abuser, a source of mockery, or even worse completely forgotten and alone.

This is where Rational Satanism bridges the gap quite brilliantly. It allows the rational-thinking person a construct that will let them defy the RHP assaults upon their consciousness with a logical template to work from. It allows the practitioner to defy these elements and inject a sense of meaning and purpose into your own existence. It allows the thoughtful LHP to DEFY without the inevitable outcome of self-destructiveness. For example, in Rational Satanism, Lee Banks talks about the decompression chamber. You can call it your ritual chamber, or your altar room, but it’s the place where you craft your own invocations and then incite them with as much passion as you can summon from within. (Sometimes in my ritual chamber I just eat a good meal, jerk off, and take a nap.) The primary goal is catharsis, the emotional release of whatever negative feelings that have been building up. If you choose to believe that you are in effect releasing some kind of directed energy into the world with a direct purpose, that’s fine, it’s your belief. The only recommendation that Lee Banks offers is that you leave that conception in the decompression chamber when you go out into the world and dodge all of the bullshit that the media, and most of the people you encounter foist upon you.

If Rationalism is the car, Satanism is the fuel, and You are always at the wheel. You are never a passenger.

As I mentioned above you can create your own LHP rituals with Rational Satanism. Or none. What some call “lesser magic”, or “manifesting”, or “summoning your personal Daemon”, you might simply call, “daydreaming”. Within this thought-provoking little tome there are no grimoires as such. There are no formulas that you are obligated to adhere to. There are some basic principles but those are really just to separate the poseurs from the genuine seekers. This is where the rationalism comes back into the story. If you hook up with another LHP crew, (no one specific), you will rationally notice a contradiction that’s difficult to ignore. These other organizations will assert that you can do your own thing, you can accept what works for you, and disregard what doesn’t. Then they throw a shitload of formalized rituals and formulas at you. Why? Because the authors of these particular works fucking said so apparently. Other LHP organizations don’t even pretend to give you options. They just tell you exactly what you’re going to do, no matter how dark and devious, and if you quail at the precipice then you’re just a pussified sheep that deserves to be skinned, roasted, and eaten. Preferably while you’re still alive.

Rational Satanism gives you options but you have to go into your own chamber and birth them for yourself. That is its genius but it’s a daunting challenge. Some people just prefer to follow orders whether its RHP or LHP. Some people even go so far as to rationalize their servitude. If you know on the rational plane that everything around you is corrupt and fucked, and you feel an undeniable desire to at least remain free inside your own mind, then Rational Satanism is the place for you. You may not always be happy but you will at least be imbued with self-respect and a sense of individual purpose. From there it’s easy to act/live like you are the Emperor of Your Own Life.

Marshall Delaware

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