What Does It Mean To Say “I am a Satanist”?

What does it mean to say that I am a Satanist, does it matter? The difference between Satanism and all other religions which I know of is that it is used to describe myself rather than define myself as being something, and similarly it’s a philosophy which instead of making a description first and then proceeding to define the world around us within those confines it instead describes the processes that the world operates by which our assumptions are then based off of.

When someone says they are a Christian, it means they subscribe to a particular model of beliefs and opinions, I have found this rule of thumb to be a defining factor in every religions philosophy, except one.

When I was 17 I discovered and read the Satanic bible, I was at a point in my life where I considered myself an Atheist but didn’t express that fact with anyone other than my family and a few very close friends. At that time and for the past several years I was pretty involved with the Nazarene church, I had stopped going to the Sunday services by that point but I still went to the youth group hang outs to use their exercise equipment and interact with friends.

During the time that I read the Satanic bible I realized that I had come across an entirely different kind of philosophy unto itself, one that defied every philosophical system I knew about before in that instead of giving rules to live by, it gave guidelines. And furthermore it was these very guidelines which were different than anything I had experienced before in that they were not there as something to subscribe to, but instead as they were to be used and thought of as a tool system. It’s interesting and a bit disturbing that the Christian bible doesn’t just allow for, but commands that rape and murder be done if it stems from gods hand, while it is the Satanic bible that requests for individuals to not make unwanted sexual advances, yet it’s the Satanist which must be most cautious about their affiliation and social placement. It was when I read that book that I truly realized how disgusting and hypocritical todays religions are, in that on the surface they all seem to teach love and tolerance, but if you dig even half an inch under that surface then it seems that most of those who are part of these religions couldn’t even conceptualise what true tolerance and love even implies. When a Christian defines love generally part of that definition is “if person x follows god then it’s ok to care for person x, but if said person doesn’t worship god then they are to be thought of as a sad lost soul which needs saving. And the best way to save the person is to emotionally manipulate them into submission to the Christian religious beliefs” And yet in Satanism the definition for love seems to be “How do YOU, feel or view this particular person. And what does this persons behavior do to YOU? Do they add to your happiness, or take it away?” Now THAT makes sense, and it works. This is the difference between Satanism and all other religions which I know about, not only is it effective, but it only adds to life, and doesn’t take even the slightest away from what makes me happy or healthy, as my own vitality and well being is something to be worshiped.

Worship, a word which before the Satanic bible meant to me that you were putting one particular idea above all others, if you worshiped something than you took it as something more important than all else, including your own life. After reading the Satanic bible I had realized my own definition for worship, it now meant something which I defined. And the way I defined it was as having an active respect for an idea, or person to the point that your regular behavior is effected. Now when I see the habits of other people I see how their opinions effect the way they behave and treat themselves and others, and through that I see what ideas or persons they really worship.

Within the few years leading up to my realization of what Satanism truly is my entire model which I existed by had taken an extremely different form than anything I could have imagined. I had gradually moved from a model which by definition placed the Christian god and my doing of his will each and every day as the primary concept which all else fell under, to a model which by definition placed ME on top, and all else, including the things I now choose to worship. Now when I say I worship something, I simply mean that I take the concept as one of great value in how it effects the way I behave and one of the many things which define me as I am today, on the same note I am completely comfortable in allowing the things I worship to change as I learn more about my environment and as I myself change. When I first embraced myself as a Satanist one concept which was very important to me was individuality and the lack of care for what others think of me. In the 4 years between that time and now I place great importance on what others think of me, because I have learned that what other.

By Lunar Wolf

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