‘Tis the season to indulge

As Satanists, we revel in our human nature, and part of that is to indulge in whatever yields personal satisfaction.

This time of year indulgence abounds, and one of our favourite things to pamper our taste buds with is chocolate.

Chocolate cake. Dark chocolate.

Devil’s Food.

It’s pretty obvious why it’s called that; decadent, sinful, gluttonous. Full of sugar, butter, chocolate, all lovely things to make us loosen our belts and squeeze in another piece. And another.

But where did the term ‘deviled’ originate? Devil’s Food Cake; deviled eggs, fra diavolo (Italian, meaning ‘brother devil’), and similarly all’arrabbiata (‘angry style’), tongue searing.

In culinary terms, to ‘devil’ means to finely chop and mix (or grill) with fiery hot seasoning or sauces, or condiments. It’s thought to have been adopted because of the connection between the devil and Hell’s excessive heat. Deviled dishes were popular throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, especially for seafood and appetisers. The first mention of deviled eggs in Great Britain was in 1786, and it was found in an Italian cookbook in the 15th century. Devil’s Food Cake is now also called Red Velvet Cake. Initially the colour change was down to a chemical reaction but today red food colouring is used. In the Southern States it was originally made from beets and cocoa. According to The Smithsonian, the redness of the cake was synonymous with invoking the devil.

But lighted-hearted banter aside, why shouldn’t we indulge in a little of what we fancy? We accept the consequences of our actions-no one has the right to tell us to do otherwise-but as with all things, moderation. Cliché yes, but it’s true. Overindulging is never good, especially with things that are unhealthy and can lead to addiction. I’m a little guilty of this myself. My personal indulgence is going to the gym, and I’m there 6/7 days a week, most weeks. I resent anything that stops me going. Bearing in mind that the classes are only 45 minutes, I do a good mix of activities and I do actually take a break now and then, this would normally be a healthy thing to do, however, it becomes detrimental when my friends threaten to kill me if I keep telling them ‘I can’t, I’ll be at the gym’ when they want to make plans.

So have that third piece of cake (but accept you may not fit your skinny jeans), and I’ll see you at the gym come January!

Happy Satanmas!

Andrea Marlowe

Cors SE Rep

One thought on “‘Tis the season to indulge

  1. Indulgence is productive. As a result of indulging you go to the gym. This will give you the figure you desire to put a male under you power so you may indulge more!

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