The Wooden Spoon Effect

The wooden spoon effect is a term I use to describe situations we all encounter. It’s the age old “stirring” of situations in a feeble attempt to cause us grief, hurt or annoyance. It’s something we all come across; it’s in human nature to stir the pot, but the funny part about it that as a Rational Satanist this REALLY doesn’t accomplish anything when this is aimed towards us. Be it someone saying you have done something you haven’t, throwing around accusations or attempting to cause you emotional hurt, nothing that is done can upset our peace of mind.

This is where our Satanic mindset really comes in to play, especially in this day and age where there is a vast increase in what is known as “keyboard warriors” which is where the vast amount of this rubbish goes on. It’s a sad part of modern human nature to attack behind the scenes, to remain hidden while attempting to cause trouble. Gone are the days of a quick scrap on the pavement to sort out an issue, this day and age it’s all about slating someone’s good name, or using old issues to re-awake old problems. It’s obvious that people do this as it’s what they thrive on, they love trouble and response, it’s a psychological weakness displaying in there need to obtain a self acknowledgement feeling that they have one over you. Another psychological trait why people do this is jealousy or that they have nothing good in their lives and this is their way of dealing with hurt.

Now with the S type personality that Satanists hold, they are leading themselves to their own destruction by trying to bring you misfortune. We are masters of lesser and psychological manipulation, we understand our own minds to the extent that it becomes un-hurtable. No matter what is threw at us we can deal with issues regarding anything, no matter how painful they may appear to others. What we as Satanists must do is not instantly react, obviously anger and rage are primal instincts but as I have said before they can be very detrimental to the self. Our greatest weapon is thinking and we will get a pragmatic outcome. Only if this became detrimental to your own self-preservation would a response of violence become a suitable outcome, but with human’s ways of stirring, this would be a rare accordance as they are stirring as they don’t want confrontation.

Frankly with situations like this, again sometimes the best response is to simply do nothing, don’t give them the response they crave by snatching the wooden spoon out their hands and breaking their twisted source of gratification. We as Satanists have more natural ability through our use of logic and reason than most humans could only wish to have, so use this to an advantage. Also through the usage of lesser, you could turn the situation around, make their attempts backfire, that’s what’s the third side, the Satanic side is there for, Look at all angles and decide your reaction wisely then sit back and watch.

Unlike the rest of humanity we are not pawns in a big game, so let people try to cause you misfortune, but in the end the Satanist will always get check mate.

Lee Banks

Founder, Author and Midlands rep

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