The Systematic Mask

Are we as Satanists wearing masks to those who don’t understand our ideology or are simply looking in from the outside? Many wear masks in an attempt to cover up emotions or issues due to social pressures, some use it as a survival mechanism or it can be linked to an abusive past. That form of masking can create a form of cognitive dissonance that is simply counterproductive, but I’m not looking at this from those angles, I’m taking the mask from the point of view within the ideology itself. Does being a Satanist come with its own protection screen for social situations? Does this mask get thicker the further you travel down your path? They are quite valid questions that deserve to be looked at.

Social structures are something we have to live our daily lives in, but at the same time we live outside of them within reason, this is a viewpoint that excels our life, thought process and decision making skills, yet no one on the outside would notice any adverse behaviour, or mental states any different than what they expect, yet we are always one step in front, could this be the mask we are wearing? You do get the cliché out there shouting hail Satan’s, and the annoying pretentious chips on shoulders that cause them to argue anything with an over emphasis on elitism. If being adapt at our own system gets us this mask, then to go out your way to behave like this is losing a major part of something that we Satanists have at our disposal, unpredictability. These individuals don’t have the mask that the system brings, they are predictable in there cognitive behaviours and are lacking basic elements of following the Satanic philosophy to excel the life. It’s the individual that is important not the system, but people like this put the system before progression and conform to the observable traits that are expected, their mask simply isn’t there and the predictability is simply counterproductive to them.

This mask that comes with the system is a great aspect of lesser magic, its ideal for those individuals not too far down the Satanic path who are just growing the natural traits that are rooted deep within us, in situations where you may feel some pressure, a great trick is to visualise this mask that the system brings, knowing that people are seeing what you want them to see as its your will for it to be that way, knowing that the barrier is there between you and them, protecting you while you are in return manipulating them, it’s a great confidence builder. Like I said at the beginning of this piece, does it get thicker the further you travel down your path? I see the answer as yes, the mask gets thicker as your confidence grows, you know you are instinctively different and realize that the mask isn’t there to hide emotions, it’s there as a manipulative aid in excelling your life, it makes you unpredictable as people cannot see your intentions, they don’t know how you are viewing a situation from a viewpoint that they couldn’t begin to imagine or even understand, you are appearing to be behaving in a social structure by in fact living outside it.

Wear your systematic mask with pride, it’s there to aid your progression, mould with every situation and excel yourself in all things you wish to achieve, you are not hiding behind a facade, it’s simply a natural screen created from the self to make you even more unpredictable and aid in the application of lesser.

Lee Banks

Founder, Author and Midlands rep

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