Logical thinking removes the fear

Being claustrophobic and suffering PTSD causes real issue with things making me jump and setting off an attack. Hence why I usually walk around the house with headphones on so noise doesn’t startle me. So going to a Halloween event inside a cave was probably not one of my wises moves.

Well when we first went into the caves I was scared so much I was sweating and my heart was beating 10 to the dozen. Forcing myself to move forward was almost impossible and trying to hide behind everyone so I didn’t get noticed wasn’t really working.

However logically I knew that  what I was feeling was irrational I realised that it wasn’t really them making me feel this way but myself.

So I looked at the person who was the scariest to me and starting talking to them, this made the situation less scary and my heart rate return to normal. Forcing my mind to realise that they were just people dressed up and that there was an easy way out of the cave if I wanted one.

So moral of the story (for me) is to look my demons square in the face and therefore making them much easier to deal with. This is possible with most situations and if you cannot do it with a whole situation break it down and deal with the parts you can change.

Claire Holbrook


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