The God Problem


Let us put to one side the idea of the Christian god for a minute. Let’s go back to the first ideas and concepts of gods or sprits as they were seen by the primitive human races. These sprits or Gods whatever you want to call them were based on aspects of their lives that they couldn’t explain, for example; the sun, the wind, the rain and so on and so forth. Obviously we now know what these forces are due to the advancements of science over the last few hundred years.

Because these things were important to primitive man’s needed to survive, and they had no science to back up what was happening, they made them Gods. These gods would then be worshiped and appeased in the hope of gaining the results they were after. A great illustration of this is a rain dance which is preformed in the hope of bringing forth rain to allow the crops to grow and provide food for the tribe.

LaVey goes on to modernise this somewhat in the Satanic bible and give God the ego aspect in the chapter The God you save may be yourself. He explains that gods are simply a man made thing that stem from his ego that he cannot deal with and so has to externalise. This I think came when men realised that tribes would anything if to satisfy their gods in the hope of a reward. It’s at this point that I think most people get that venomous taste in their mouths.

Lets utilise both of these aspects of God and use them in a way that is useful to us as Satanists. If we take the Jung idea of shadow working, this combines our ego and aspects of us that we do not yet understand by making them conscious. Essentially we are using our 90% 10% to its most effective way by taking the internal and making it external to be moulded and then replacing the new working model back into the internal.

So basically we are going to look at it like this, your personal symbol is Satan (or whomever you choose to use) and you sit on your throne, in your God head. Around you are your demigods and demons, these are the aspects of your personality that you can set forth and use once you have mastered who they are and how to use them. This is where you will be able to explore ideas about what makes you angry or how your anger reacts in different situations, you’ll learn to understand it and use it to your advantage.

So next time you see the word god don’t look on it with a venomous tongue, smile and know that it’s talking about you!

Ben Dean

Cors SE Rep

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