The Bar Prop

You know the guy I mean the one that sits at the end of the bar. He’s there every night, same bar stool, same glass, same drink, propping up the end of the bar like some kind of structural support.

The Bar Prop is the one that talks to everyone that comes into the bar, he tells them all these elaborate ideas of what he wants to do with his life, things he wants to learn and places he wants to go. He does this at the top of his voice so the whole world can hear of the adventure he will undertake tomorrow.

The Bar Prop will always have an opinion about something that someone else has done, usually involving him having done it better or them doing it wrong altogether in the first place. He will tell you how tomorrow he will be doing X,Y and Z. Then a week later when you go see him he’s in the same spot telling someone else the same story about how tomorrow he is going to X,Y and Z.

When you speak to him and say I thought you were going to do that last week? He will respond along the lines of “yeah I was gonna do that, but what happened was, something came up and ran out of time” or some other bullshit excuse that prevented him from doing what it was he said he was going to do. You see tomorrow will never come for The Bar Prop. And so it continues and he will forever be stuck there in this endless cycle, unless he kicks away the stool himself.

Don’t get me wrong having plans and aspirations is great and you should have those things. Just having them though, is not enough, you need to do something about them. Not doing anything about them is like working in a toilet roll factory and complaining you don’t have anything to wipe your arse with!

I see these ‘Bar Prop’ types constantly on the internet saying “I want to learn things” well what’s stopping you? Go, learn stuff, you have a wealth of knowledge at your finger tips. When this is pointed out to them its normally followed by up with the bullshit excuses “but I don’t know where to start!” or “I don’t have money to buy lots of books!”

The answers are simple start with something you find interesting, then you will enjoy learning it. You don’t need to buy books, there is a vast array of media freely available on line that you can pick from. Start with something small like an article that takes your fancy. This in turn will lead you to seek more things to look at as it may pose more questions. The article might not have all the information you were hoping for. You might want more than one opinion on your chosen subject. Books can also be easily obtained in pdf format now so you don’t even need to have vast amounts of money to obtain knowledge, all you need is time.

Time you have, you have a lifetime on this rock of a planet. Don’t wait for tomorrow to make things happen though, DO IT NOW! Make time to do the things you enjoy in life and things you want to achieve. If you truly want to do something you will. You’ll make the time because it will be of benefit to you, it will be something you want to do and ultimately will make you happy. Isn’t that what being a Satanist is all about? indulging in things that make you happy and are of benefit to you?

Don’t be a Bar Prop, if you want to do something just do it and talk about it after having lived the experience. Be the person that achieves something. Kick away that bar stool stop being a Bar Prop, be a Satanist and aspire to be the best you can be.

Ben Dean


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