Holiday blues

It must be the holidays because my girlfriend and I have gotten into another fight. For almost a decade now Easter and Christmas gets us going like cats and dogs. It’s not even the celebration of the holidays; it’s the stories that go along with them: Santa and the Easter Bunny. Full disclosure for those […]

‘Tis the season to indulge

As Satanists, we revel in our human nature, and part of that is to indulge in whatever yields personal satisfaction. This time of year indulgence abounds, and one of our favourite things to pamper our taste buds with is chocolate. Chocolate cake. Dark chocolate. Devil’s Food. It’s pretty obvious why it’s called that; decadent, sinful, […]

Logical thinking removes the fear

Being claustrophobic and suffering PTSD causes real issue with things making me jump and setting off an attack. Hence why I usually walk around the house with headphones on so noise doesn’t startle me. So going to a Halloween event inside a cave was probably not one of my wises moves. Well when we first […]

The Systematic Mask

Are we as Satanists wearing masks to those who don’t understand our ideology or are simply looking in from the outside? Many wear masks in an attempt to cover up emotions or issues due to social pressures, some use it as a survival mechanism or it can be linked to an abusive past. That form […]

The God Problem

  Let us put to one side the idea of the Christian god for a minute. Let’s go back to the first ideas and concepts of gods or sprits as they were seen by the primitive human races. These sprits or Gods whatever you want to call them were based on aspects of their lives […]

The Bar Prop

You know the guy I mean the one that sits at the end of the bar. He’s there every night, same bar stool, same glass, same drink, propping up the end of the bar like some kind of structural support. The Bar Prop is the one that talks to everyone that comes into the bar, […]