Theism within the rational satanic mindset

As some of you may be aware, before TST came on the scene, the main argument between the different satanic groups was the Atheists vs the Theists rather than the more recent arguments between the atheistic groups. I see how theses seemingly opposing views can clash. They seem to be essentially at different ends of […]

The Critique Experiment

As a way of introduction, I first would like to re-affirm that at no point did I accuse anyone from The Satanic Temple (TST) in a previous post critiquing the TST tenets of not being Satanists. The misleading use of quotation marks along a response blog by a TST member was at times read as […]

TST tenets critique

I have done these in 9 statements as they appeared on the main TST website when i looked and not as the traditional 7 tenets however I’ve tried to break things down enough so that it still fits within the original 7 model. 1.One should strive to act with compassion and empathy towards all creatures […]

CoRS 2017 Summary

  2017 has been another eventful and productive year for the church of Rational Satanism. We have continued to move at a pace greater than what was envisioned all those years ago. 2017 was certainly a year full of many ups and opportunities to strengthen not only the philosophy, but the organisation. This essay is […]

Crowley & S-Theory

Aleister Crowley doesn’t need an introduction or long-winded paragraph on who he is or what he does, his reputation and legacy explains it all and anyone looking in to the occult will know at least something about him. What I want to talk about is the slogan on the cover of the Equinox which stated […]

Don’t lose the beauty

“What we have as Satanists at our disposal are ways of seeing things by using our minds in different ways. Sometimes knowing about something removes the beauty, and as Satanists we spend our lives acquiring knowledge on all different things to get an understanding, so how do we get the beauty back? “- Lee Banks- […]


Hello, once again my fellow CoRS colleagues around the world. I promised Ben I’d try to craft one of these a week and I think I have a good topic here for all us to explore. Does your Higher Self have a name? I’m not referring to an imaginary friend, I’m talking about that part […]